Mar 23 2015

20 Facts About the Impact of E-Learning [#Infographic]

The online-learning market is on track to reach $37.8B globally by 2020.

Online learning has become one of the fastest-growing industries in education technology, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

The availability of mobile devices on campuses has drastically changed the playing field for e-learning. By 2020, the global mobile-learning market is on track to reach $37.8 billion, according to a new infographic from TalentLMS, a learning management system. By 2019, half of all college students will be enrolled in online courses.

"This means that the development costs of eLearning courses will diminish with time, boiling down to only the cost of the student. With the cheaper rates at which mobile broadband data is available, 74 percent of eLearners will be mobile learners," according to a March 2 blog post from TalentLMS.

Online learning is also changing the culture of learning itself.

An introductory course in computer science at Harvard College, Computer Science 50, broke course registration records in the fall when 819 undergraduates signed up for the class. In the previous year, the same course had 153 students enrolled. Part of the success behind that course's enrollment is the online aspect. CS50 was exempted from a newly instated Harvard regulation that prohibits students from enrolling in classes that have overlapping times, according to The Harvard Crimson.

This means that students can review lessons from the course through videos instead of attending class in person.

The full infographic is shown below:

20 facts about e-learning
Courtesy of: TalentLMS
Robert Churchill/ThinkStock

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