Mar 06 2014

Viral Education: TED-Ed Makes Learning Social, Shareable and Scalable

Everyone loves YouTube videos, so why not make them educational?

Using technology to teach technology to today’s students makes perfect sense. TED — the hugely popular conference series also know as Technology, Entertainment, Design — launched TED-Ed two years ago in an effort to inspire high school students to use their Internet time more wisely. People love to surf YouTube videos, so why not make the content educational?

The model is working. The TED-Ed YouTube channel has accumulated more than 56 million views and 673,000 subscribers. The use of a modern open platform like YouTube, coupled with an inspirational approach to the content and the use of easy-to-understand animations, has helped many of these lessons go viral. EdTech is coining the term “viral education” to describe this new and extremely effective way of making learning content available online.

Here are a few of TED-Ed’s recent videos that focus on technology issues. See more at

<p>Credit: TED-Ed</p>