Sep 10 2012

Big Data Is Blossoming, but Is It Beneficial? [Infographic]

By definition, big data is hard to handle, so should colleges bother?

APM — also known as asset performance metrics — creates enormous amounts of complex data. If analyzed properly, data like this can reveal inefficiencies in IT that can lead to massive cost savings. As reflected in the infographic below, 88 percent of the IT professionals surveyed said they are able to analyze less than 50 percent of the data they collect. The complicated data recorded can be nearly impossible to wrangle, according to Jerry Bishop of The Higher Ed CIO:

Big data can be a large number of small data files, a massive number of single data elements, a massive database, or even piles of data in disparate systems. Big data isn’t simply a matter of size since big data can also be the result of a high volume or high velocity data stream.

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Because big data creates so many problems, some wonder whether it’s worth analyzing at all. Bishop goes on to ask these three questions of higher education institutions:

  • What is the big data in higher education that we might care about in terms of sources, types and relevance?
  • So what if there is Big Data? What problem does it solve or maybe more to the point is there a collective willingness to solve the problem?
  • Now what do we do if we can crunch the big data and feed it into a decision support process?

Whether or not the data is being analyzed, it’s constantly being produced. While discussions on the value of big data continue, Check out the infographic below to see how 1,000 IT professionals are dealing with it.

Big Data in Higher Education Infographic

This infographic originally appeared on Netuitive.


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