K–12 District in New Mexico Brings Networking, Data Center Operations Under One Roof


    • Matt Conn, Math Teacher
    • Scott Stall, District Technology Coordinator
    • Thad Phipps, Assistant Superintendent, Transportation 
    • Danny Parker, Assistant Superintendent, Federal Programs 
    • John Ross Null, Assistant Superintendent, Personnel 

Video Highlights

  • The technology department outgrew its small administration building, leading district IT professionals to look for a new home.
  • “After the data center, we were able to implement a one-to-one program, with our students being able to connect to the network with sufficient speeds and maintain that across the board instead of in isolated areas,” says Math Teacher Matt Conn.
  • A 'never give up' attitude means giving students access to learning technologies that lead to success, video participants say.
Apr 20 2018