Jul 06 2022

ISTELive 2022: Cybersecurity Tips and Trends to Protect K-12 School Systems

K–12 school IT leaders can take some small but powerful steps to help them properly manage cybersecurity and protect data privacy in their schools. We talked with Robert Olsen, senior managing director with Ankura, about how job postings and social media can provide unintended openings for threat actors.

DIVE DEEPER: Learn how outside experts can help schools beef up cybersecurity.

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    Robert Olsen, Senior Managing Director, Ankura

Video Highlights

  • Threat actors can take advantage of an explosion of endpoints, such as laptops, tablets and mobile devices. 
  • Hackers can use social media to target individual high-level education employees or former employees by role.
  • Scrub your job postings of detailed information about the type of technology infrastructure your school is using to prevent bad actors from taking advantage.