Dec 03 2020

ISTE20 Live: Getting the Best of Both Office 365 and G Suite for Education

Though many might think that the productivity suites by Microsoft and Google represent strictly an either-or scenario, the truth is that many school districts are hybrid users of both. This can come about because there are certain use cases for one over the other, or because people use one in their professional lives and another in their personal lives. We spoke with two K–12 IT leaders to get their perspectives on Microsoft Office 365 and Google's G Suite for Education and to share ideas on how the two solutions can complement, integrate and harmoniously coexist in K–12 environments.

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    • Adam Phyall, Director of Technology and Media Services, Newton County School System
    • Sonal Patel, Digital Learning Innovation Coordinator, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

Video Highlights

  • Exposing students and teachers to both Office 365 and G Suite for Education ensures that they're prepared for the real world.
  • Single sign-on is a way to ensure integration and cohesion as users navigate both ecosystems.
  • It's important to offer support and resources for both platforms to ensure users aren't lost or confused using either suite.