Jun 24 2019

ISTE 2019: Proactive Surveillance Solutions Keep Students Safe

Keeping students, teachers and staff safe is the top priority of every K–12 district. Yet many rely on reactive responses and after-the-fact analysis. While most schools routinely collect video surveillance data, they often lack the IT infrastructure to turn this information into actionable insights. Proactive security data can help leaders increase the likelihood of responding to crises before they happen.


    • Randy Lack, Manager of the Americas for Video Surveillance and Computer Vision, Dell EMC

Video Highlights

  • To take advantage of massive amounts of video surveillance data, K–12 districts need an IT infrastructure that can support data management, storage, processing and analysis.
  • Data analytics and intelligence systems, supported by the Internet of Things, move districts from a reactive to a proactive stance.
  • License plate recognition, suspicious activity and unusual crowd movement are among the types of alerts that modern safety systems can provide.

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