Jun 25 2019

ISTE 2019: New Coaching Standards to Draw on Comprehensive Input

ISTE standards offer a framework to help teachers, students, administrators and coaches create learning environments that are innovative and effective. To develop and periodically revise the standards, ISTE leaders draw on research, expert perspectives on trends and technologies, and, most important, input from teachers and other members of the education community. Thousands of educators from around the world have contributed to the standards' development and evolution. 


    • Carolyn Sykora, Senior Director, ISTE Standards Programs

Video Highlights

  • ISTE's coaching standards have evolved from an emphasis on technical support to helping teachers effectively integrate technology into the classroom.
  • The coaching standards are undergoing their first revision since 2011.
  • Members of the education community can give input on the revision of ISTE's coaching standards through Aug. 16, 2019, by visiting iste.org/standards.

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