Jul 01 2014

ISTE 2014: How to Combine Mobility with Security in the Classroom

Mobile learning platforms have opened the door to new avenues of teaching.


    • Angelique Kobler, Lawrence Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    • Warren Dale, Learning Facilitator
    • Charlie Hinsch, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
    • Cameron Evans, Microsoft Education
    • Andrew Swickheimer, Noblesville Schools Director of Technology
    • Kelly Sain, Boulder Valley School District

Video Highlights

  • Mobillity has empowered teachers to expand and multiply themselves, by offering answers through movies, emails and mp3s. "It's not just the teacher in the front of the room with all the information," says Angelique Kobler of Lawrence Public Schools
  • Keeping apps updated can be a hassle, but is essential to maintaining a strong layer of security, says Microsoft's Cameron Evans
  • Districts approach network openness in different ways. Some favor a closed, secure network and others allow more open access