Nov 24 2014

How Cloud and IT as a Service Can Accelerate Your Business

With the right cloud offerings, an IT team can help its organization drive revenue, deliver on its vision and ensure speed to market. By migrating systems work that, in essence, "keep the lights on" to the cloud, the IT department can focus on unique and custom services that drive profit or support the mission.

At CDW, cloud client executives can help an organization define what should and what should not move to the cloud. This video will share the opportunities that a cloud-based IT model can make possible.

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    • Stephen Braat, Vice President, Cloud & Managed Solutions, CDW
    • Jason Hart, Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Sandra Yu, Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Stan Pachura, CIO, National MI
    • Darrick Wilson, Vice President, Information Security & Enterprise Technology, National MI

Video Highlights

  • The traditional on-premises approach to IT doesn't cut it in today's mobile world.
  • CDW's cloud shared services allowed an organization to instantaneously accelerate time to market and improve customer satisfaction.
  • By partnering with CDW, organizations can lean on the company's cloud services for consultation and advice along the way.