May 15 2019

Data Privacy Concerns Get Closer Scrutiny in K–12 Districts

Data privacy is quickly emerging as a top concern for K–12 districts. Leaders and legislators are recognizing that while educational technology brings many benefits, it also creates a responsibility for districts to ensure that student data is not compromised. Experts say that while awareness is growing, there is room for improvement. They recommend that district leaders develop broad programs of data governance, take advantage of resources designed to support program development and create step-by-step plans to tackle one piece of the puzzle at a time.


    • Amelia Vance, Director, Education Privacy Project, Future of Privacy Forum
    • Eileen Belastock, Academic Technology Director, Mount Greylock Regional School District
    • Melissa Tebbenkamp, Instructional Technology Director, Raytown Quality Schools

Video Highlights

  • Since 2013, 40 states have passed more than 110 student privacy laws that dramatically change how districts are dealing with data.
  • The rapid integration of educational technology has elevated the focus on data privacy, but many educators may still lack awareness of risks and best practices to keep student data safe. 
  • A broad data governance umbrella must encompass data privacy, security, access, stewardship and accuracy.