Mar 05 2021

CoSN2021: What Your School District Must Understand About E-Rate

With the federal E-rate program, K–12 schools can offset the costs of network upgrades and related technology and service purchases, allowing them to modernize learning environments. The program has been around for a long time, helping school districts to fund the technology they need. During CoSN2021, we spoke with experts to try to answer some urgent questions. What do you need to know about E-rate it if you're applying for the first time, and how has it changed due to the pandemic?

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    Amy Passow, Manager, Infrastructure Transformation, CDW•G

    John Harrington, CEO, Funds for Learning

Video Highlights

  • E-rate is starting a new five-year budget cycle, so school districts should consider using stimulus funds wherever possible, since those funds will expire soon and E-rate funds will be available for four more years.
  • IT leaders often lead the charge on E-rate applications, but they need critical input from other stakeholders in the district, including the finance, procurement and nutritional services departments. 
  • District leaders should have a solid understanding of when they need to purchase the equipment in their plans, as that will help them determine when to request the money.