Apr 02 2019

CoSN 2019: To Scale Up Learning Innovations, Break Down Silos

Organizational silos are just as detrimental in K–12 education as they are in companies. Karen Cator, president and CEO of Digital Promise, says that stronger collaboration between IT staff and instructional technologists makes it easier for districts to achieve desired advances. By working toward the same goals rather than competing for resources or different agendas, these groups can be a powerful partnership for change.

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    • Karen Cator, President and CEO, Digital Promise

Video Highlights

  • To reduce silos, IT professionals and instructional technologists can start by understanding each other's roles, needs and objectives.
  • One way to jump-start a personalized learning initiative is with a successful pilot that can be expanded throughout a school or district.
  • District leaders can facilitate collaboration by ensuring that all stakeholders understand the "why" behind key initiatives and enlisting the help of individual champions.