Mar 17 2015

CoSN 2015 How Is the Common Core Driving Your School's Tech Needs?

Common Core standards play a large role in classroom technology planning, but they're not the only driver.


    • Mike Jamerson, Director of Technology, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation
    • John Krouskoff, Manager of Emerging Technologies, Lower Hudson Regional Information Center
    • Bill Bass, Innovation Coordinator, Technology Integration, Information and Library Media, Parkway School District

Video Highlights

  • Common Core and other next-generation educational standards are having a profound effect on how technology is integrated in today's K–12 classrooms.
  • Many schools and districts are taking an approach that examines tech needs beyond the Core, to provide meaningful student-tech interactions regardless the testing standards implemented.
  • Discerning how technology can best meet curricular needs in each classroom is the most important exercise.

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