Mar 17 2015

CoSN 2015 How Can Districts Enhance Teachers' Tech Skills?

Getting technology into the classroom means little if teachers aren't prepared to use it. CoSN 2015 attendees share best practices for professional development.


    • Melissa Tebbenkamp, Director of Instructional Technology, Raytown Quality Schools
    • Jody Rentfro, Emerging Technologies Specialist, Lewisville ISD
    • Beatriz Arnillas, Director, IT - Educational Technology, Houston ISD

Video Highlights

  • Teachers need hands-on experiences with new and emerging technologies in order to incorporate them fully within their lesson plans.
  • School-based peers and instructional groups frequently are preferred over off-site meetings.
  • Professional development should include not only training on specific technologies but also on new ways to incorporate a variety of tools within all areas of instruction.

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