Mar 06 2014

Building MUHSD’s Blueprint for “One-to-Web”

How did Merced Union High School District create a new Internet ecosystem for students? Find out in these interviews.


    • Jorge Arteaga, Anthony Thomas and Scott Scambray of Merced Union High School District
    • Anthony Johnson and Michael Solorzano of El Capitan High School

Video Highlights

  • Merced Union High School District wanted to create a “one-to-web” learning environment in all of its schools, beginning with El Capitan High School, which opened in August 2013.
  • Dark fiber, Cisco switches and wireless access points, and Samsung Chromebooks gave MUHSD the infrastructure it needed to create the mobile-friendly learning environment at El Capitan that its leaders envisioned.
  • District leaders are working to replicate these improvements in MUHSD’s remaining schools.
  • Ongoing professional development will help all district teachers integrate technology into instruction.