As educators embrace educational technology and remote learning, they also face concerns about screen time, access and digital equity.
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Product Review

Creativity Unleashed

This premium 3D printer combines a host of intelligent features with slick performance.

Product Review

Streamlined Videoconferencing

Initiate or participate in videoconferencing without a computer.

FAQ Five

Keeping Students Honest

Google for Education, a popular resource for K–12 classrooms, includes tools that can help gauge the originality of submitted work.

Get Smart

The New Reality of Learning

As schools pivot to remote instruction — a new experience for many — challenges of equity and student engagement are underscored.

Fact or Fallacy

Will 5G Help or Harm K–12 Schools?

The promise of faster, more reliable internet access could be a boost for education.


Taking the Lead on Cybersecurity

K–12 administrators can help shoulder the work of preventing cyber incidents even if they aren’t tech-savvy, says CoSN's Amy McLaughlin.

Security Save

A Balanced Approach to Storage

Effective security and privacy measures are a must for K–12 schools migrating to the cloud.



The Value of a Refresh

By planning out tech upgrades, school districts can cut down on maintenance and better support instruction.


Investing in Safety

Cameras, voice-enabled communication tools and other devices are helping districts manage entry and be proactive about safety.


Building for the Future

Planning for the tech needs of modern classrooms begins before breaking ground on new school construction.


Dive Right In

District leaders say lessons learned when pivoting to remote instruction will help them fill in implementation gaps in the next round.


Letter From the Editor

Are You Ready?

Despite limited resources that are likely to further shrink and many questions about what’s ahead, K–12 leaders can get ready for whatever comes next.

Contributor Column

Building a Foundation for Innovation

Technology should support creativity in education. Here’s how one school district makes it work.

Contributor Column

Online and On Guard

Schools must keep privacy regulations at the forefront of their thinking — even when learning and teaching happen outside school walls.