K–12 districts are among early Wi-Fi 6 adopters, upgrading with an eye toward future networking needs.
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Product Review

The Flip Chart Reimagined

Energize collaboration with an ultra-smooth pen and an advanced interactive display.


The Business of Efficiency

A streamlined technology department saves districts money, but it also supports broad operational and academic success, Joe Phillips says.

Tech Tips

Watch and Learn

With remote classroom observations, administrators can offer real-time feedback in a less disruptive way.

Security Save

A Phishing Experiment

This K–12 district’s IT team tested employees’ knowledge of best email practices. Most did not make the grade.

FAQ Five

Informed Recovery

As they develop plans to prevent data disasters, K–12 IT leaders should also weigh key questions about recovery services.

Product Review

Outsized Protection

Designed for drag-and-drop security at satellite and regional offices, this device punches above its weight.

Get Smart

Choice Management

VDI and DaaS solutions can lighten the IT load for K–12 districts, but both have their pros and cons.

IT Futurist

Next-Level Efficiency

Superconverged infrastructure could make K–12 data center operations easier and less expensive, experts say.



More Than Just a Game

As esports make their way into schools, educators are seeing social and academic benefits for disengaged students.


A New World of Learning

Virtual reality offers students with autism safe spaces to practice social skills, prepare for new physical environments and master academic content.


Powering Up P.D.

Mobile devices and online resources are helping to make professional development more relevant and convenient.


Difficult Lessons

The work of mitigating cyberattacks informs districts’ strategies to thwart future incidents or minimize damage should any occur.


Letter From the Editor

What’s the Plan?

The question is when, not if, K–12 districts will have to deal with ransomware or other malware.