Network management tools offer greater insight into who’s on the network, when.

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Product Review

Sharp Versatility

Acer Iconia Tab 10 is a smart, affordable investment for modern K–12 classrooms.

Tech Tips

Automate Wireless LAN Access

Follow these five tips to ease Wi-Fi onboarding in K–12 schools.

Tech Trends

Look at Us Now

Monitoring tools allow schools to focus on more pressing technology issues instead of reacting to network blips.


Experiential Learning

As the cost to install and support enabling technologies continues to fall, VR-based instruction will likely become a reality in K–12 schools.

Tech Tips

Easier Interoperability

More digital learning resources mean teachers and IT need ways to encourage everything to play nicely together.

Product Review

Classroom Hero

K–12 users will find numerous resources for integrating the MakerBot in the classroom, practically right out of the box.

Tech Tips

Meet the Challenge

Learning technology coach Ben Dykhouse shares the apps that help all of his students achieve more in the classroom.



Where Are They Now?

School districts that embraced the devices first share how they prepped their networks and successfully rolled out these affordable classroom tools.


Take It to the Cloud

Districts deploy tools and strategies to deliver cloud-based services to teachers and students.


Every Option Open

Five districts weigh in on the devices they deployed as part of their one-to-one initiatives.


For the Greater Good

Schools share application and planning strategies to future-proof digital education.


Letter From the Editor

Networking for Tomorrow

Network monitoring and security more important than ever as E-Rate boosts schools’ digital territory.

Real-World IT

Open Communication

School districts should craft solid governance plans and aim for openness when it comes to the use of student data.

Contributor Column

Why Deeper Learning?

Harvard professor says authentic, immersive simulations achieve greater outcomes, including critical thinking, reasoning and responsibility.