Zillah High School alumnus and educator revels in the art and science of education.

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Report Card

EdTech compiles the most important news, tips and social trends impacting K–12 IT today.

Tech Watch

Connecting the Dots

Many potential uses for connected devices impact facilities and operations rather than teaching and learning.

Tech Trends

Framework in Focus

Rely on Information Technology Infrastructure Library principles to improve efficiencies in the IT department.

Tech Trends

Managed Mobility

With more devices coming online every day, IT leaders adopt new solution to get a handle on things.

Product Review

The Right Touch

This ultraportable notebook can handle most of the applications used in today’s K–12 classrooms.

Product Review

Twice as Nice

This next-generation mobile device is faster and more classroom-friendly than its predecessor.




Sometimes, it takes a hybrid approach to get mobile devices into the hands of every student.


The Choice of a New Generation

Online resources deliver educational continuity even in the face of foul weather and other challenges.


All Systems Gone

District IT leaders ramp up their transitions as Microsoft’s end-of-support deadline looms.


Privacy and the Cloud: Mutually Exclusive?

IT leaders in Massachusetts, Texas and Wisconsin explain how their districts ensure one while relying on the other.


Letter From the Editor

For the Record

Our latest issue clears up some confusion on flipped learning and the flipped classroom; continuity of learning; and more.

Reading the Signs

Flummoxed by Funding?

The FCC’s efforts to modernize the funding program are very much in flux. But change is looming.