Feb 13 2020

Q&A: Dan Ayoub on What K–12 Leaders Should Know About Cloud Computing

The Microsoft general manager says the Cloud is transforming every industry — including education.

Cloud technologies are popular options for K–12 schools — and for good reason. Cloud solutions offer flexibility in terms of space and cost, which are important for budget-conscious administrators.

Most K–12 districts (88 percent) that responded to CoSN’s 2018 Infrastructure Survey reported using Cloud-based software systems. Ninety percent reported using the Cloud for storage.

Given the benefits, it’s important for K–12 leaders and IT teams to be informed about cloud computing.

Dan Ayoub, general manager of Microsoft Education, talked with EdTech about questions K–12 administrators should ask when considering cloud solutions (specifically, Microsoft 365), what they should know about data security in the Cloud and more.

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PhonlamaiPhoto/Getty Images