Jun 14 2023

Review: CrowdStrike Falcon Insight EDR Helps Schools Soar Against Endpoint Threats

Endpoint detection and response platform adds both automated and human-centered defenses to endpoints.

These days, K-12 schools are just as much in attackers’ crosshairs as organizations in other industries are. Besides being randomly targeted by bots, automated attacks and the normal threats that come with any online presence, schools also face threats from organized and professional criminals. These bad actors try to compromise school defenses directly with ransomware and other attacks, hoping to find a soft target and a quick payday. More often than not, those attacks first target endpoints, which normally have less protection than a school’s core networks.

Traditional anti-virus platforms on endpoints can help knock down low-level threats, but most skilled cybercriminals eventually get around static defenses that rely on signatures and known bad patterns. These days, schools need the same level of protection that financial firms and government agencies rely on to keep their remote clients safe: a unified endpoint detection and response platform.

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Deploying a comprehensive EDR platform to thousands of endpoints can be challenging, and configuring and managing it is even tougher. Thankfully, CrowdStrike’s new EDR platform, Falcon Insight EDR, is about as close to fire-and-forget as you can get. It’s designed to give schools the same level of endpoint protection that top-tier corporations enjoy, without the accompanying administrative burden.

Endpoint Protection Fully Distributed via the Cloud

Available as a service and fully distributed through the cloud, CrowdStrike Falcon Insight EDR can be deployed quickly. In fact, the platform can deploy thousands of agents (little software programs that link back to the main platform) at the same time, with no installation — all without changing local system settings and with no reboot required.

Falcon EDR can then provide core services immediately, including next-generation anti-virus, threat activity detection and vulnerability management.

CrowdStrike Falcon Insight EDR


Closing the Gaps That Hackers Could Exploit

Falcon Insight’s advanced features can apply threat intelligence feeds to a school’s specific environment and act proactively to close gaps that hackers might exploit. The EDR platform even includes a human-led threat hunting service.

These days, most schools can’t afford to employ huge teams of cybersecurity experts or even manage the complex, multilayered defenses required for total protection. Thankfully, with the CrowdStrike Falcon Insight EDR platform deployed as a service, they don’t have to.

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PRODUCT TYPE: Endpoint Detection and Response Platform
KEY SERVICES: Next-generation anti-virus, attack detection, vulnerability management
ADVANCED FEATURES: Human-led threat hunting, incorporates threat intelligence feeds
DEPLOYMENT: As a service
LICENSE: Per seat or protected endpoint


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