Apr 20 2022

4 Must-Listen Ed Tech and IT Podcasts

Today’s influential voices in education and tech are bringing advice and new ideas to their audience in the form of podcasts. Here are some to check out.

With the rapid expansion of educational technology — including new tech hitting the market and updates to old favorites — it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to keep up. Whether you want to use the latest tools with your students or are looking to buy the right solutions for your district, this year’s K–12 IT influencers have the answers. And they’re delivering it over the airwaves.

While there’s a podcast for just about everything these days, these shows focus on IT and educational technology. The hosts provide expert tips, advice, examples and guidance that make it easier to navigate today’s ed tech landscape. Here are four podcasts you should be listening to right now.

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1. Alfonso Mendoza’s My EdTech Life Podcast

An instructional technologist at Sharyland Independent School District in Texas, Alfonso Mendoza is building a community of educators, creators and ed tech experts on his podcast, My EdTech Life. On the show, which first aired two years ago this month, Mendoza speaks with guests about their expertise and their realities.

The goal of the podcast is to “amplify educator and creator voices,” according to Mendoza’s website, and to create records of shared experiences for listeners to let them know they aren’t alone. In doing so, My EdTech Life has helped create a resilient and engaged community.

Another way Mendoza is building this community is by including guests’ bios, websites and social handles under each episode. Find all of the episodes of My EdTech Life on the show’s website and join the community on Twitter.

2. Douglas Konopelko’s Focus on EDU Podcast

Before it came to be known as Focus on EDU, Douglas Konopelko’s podcast was known as Focus on K–12. Konopelko, esports lead at CDW, made the name change in early 2022 to incorporate IT experts in higher education into the show.

Focus on EDU: EdTech and the Education Experience features Konopelko’s interviews with ed tech and education leaders at all levels of learning. He has spoken with a wide and fascinating array of guests, from kindergarten teachers to esports experts.

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Konopelko’s podcast episodes are typically around 15 minutes long, perfect for listening during lunch or a morning commute, and guests on the show are experts in their fields. Listeners can hear the passion and excitement in their voices when speaking about their roles and areas of expertise. Find all the episodes of Focus on EDU on the show’s YouTube page and follow the podcast on Twitter to share in the excitement when a new episode premieres.

3. Monica Burns’ Easy EdTech Podcast

Monica Burns, a curriculum and educational technology consultant, originally began sharing her wisdom with other educators at conferences before starting her blog, Class Tech Tips. From there, branching into a podcast seemed like a natural next step. Now, Burns brings listeners new episodes of Easy EdTech weekly.

Each Tuesday, Burns shares new tips and insights pertaining to ed tech integration on her podcast. She also shares teaching strategies, tips and activity ideas — some of which educators can try as soon as the episode ends.

Burns records some episodes with guest experts and others solo. Listeners are also treated to bonus episodes when Burns has additional content to share.

Educators and ed tech enthusiasts can find all the episodes of Easy EdTech, which total more than 150, on Burns’ website or their favorite podcast app.

4. Jeni Long and Sallee Clark’s “The Jenallee Show” Podcast

The Jenallee Show features co-hosts Jeni Long and Sallee Clark — from whom the podcast derives its name — who also work together in their day jobs as instructional technologists at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District in Texas. Listeners can expect to learn about technology integration in K–12 districts, new ed tech tools and tech tutorials on The Jenallee Show.

Many of the episodes, which listeners can find on the show’s YouTube page, are organized into playlists. There are playlists for Microsoft TeamsOneNote, parents and distance learning, and even collections of quick tips that feature episodes under 90 seconds.

There are also livestreams and conference videos for listeners who want to keep up with all that Long and Clark are exploring. Listeners can check out the show’s website for more information.

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