Jul 29 2021

Proactive Planning Helped California School to Open

Early investments in educational technology prepared Napa Valley Unified School District to provide hybrid learning to students in fall 2020.

Last year, Napa Valley Unified School District had 17,000 students, 28 campuses and a pathway to reopen for hybrid learning. In fall 2020, this California district was one of the first of its size to open its doors for hybrid instruction.

The district accomplished this transition through the educational technology it had implemented before the pandemic closed schools in the spring. Both Superintendent Rosanna Mucetti and Assistant Superintendent Rabinder Mangewala advocated for Promethean ActivPanels and one-to-one student devices.

Meeting both of these educational technology goals in early 2020 allowed Napa Valley to reopen for hybrid learning in the fall and avoid the supply chain disruptions that have impacted many school districts since the pandemic began.

Why Napa Valley USD Needed Community and Educator Support

Although the technology was in place, the district still needed to get key stakeholders on board to successfully open for hybrid learning last fall, including the support of the community and of teachers.

“Anywhere from 30 to 40 percent of our families wanted in-person learning, while a significant majority wanted to remain online and do virtual learning,” Mucetti said in a Promethean case study.

At the time, there was no vaccine for COVID-19, and many districts were not yet offering hybrid learning options. More recently, a Gallup poll found that 79 percent of families of K–12 students wanted in-person learning.

Additionally, Napa Valley USD had to reassure teachers that returning to classrooms would be safe. Providing teachers with the educational technology tools they needed to teach safely and efficiently helped Mucetti and Mangewala convince educators to return to the classroom.

At a time where educators were feeling more burnt out and stressed than ever, including them in the conversation was a necessary step in providing assurance.

Mucetti found the entire community is now more open-minded with technology initiatives as well. “There will be things that stick from the pandemic environment that will allow us to work more efficiently and effectively into the future,” she told Promethean.

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