Feb 15 2021

How to Choose the Right Companion Tech for Enhanced Online Learning

With remote learning here to stay, Chromebook adoption is on the rise across K–12 schools, but selecting the right companion technologies is also essential to support student success.

Over the past few years, schools have sought cost-effective ways to deploy full-featured devices at scale, and Chromebooks have been a popular solution in many instances. The recent COVID-19 crisis has prompted an even steeper uptick in Chromebook adoption. Shipment volumes are up 90 percent from 2019, and there are now more than 40 million Chrome OS devices in K–12 schools across the United States.

As remote learning has shifted from outlier to essential operational model, however, schools must deliver distance learning without breaking the bank while also weighing the long-term impact of students spending a day learning in front of a computer. Devices alone don’t meet the needs for every use case. A thoughtful approach to technology needs can make all the difference in enhancing online learning experiences.

Here’s how the right companion technologies can help expand and enhance the student and teacher experience on Chromebook devices.

DISCOVER: Find out how your classroom technology can enrich learning. 

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Phynart Studio/Getty Images