Jan 30 2017

12 Technologies To Keep Schools Safe

Although serious violence in elementary, middle and high schools is rare, nearly three-fourths of public schools experienced at least one incident of violence in the 2009–2010 school year, according to a 2016 Rand Corp. study, "The Role of Technology in Improving K–12 Safety."

The following 12 technologies can improve school safety:

  1. Entry-control equipment — electromagnetic door locks
  2. Identification — visitor badges, palm scanners
  3. Video surveillance — cameras, video recording, video motion detection system
  4. Communication technology — walkie-talkies, phones, radios
  5. Alarm and protection systems — scream alarms, motion/ sound/heat detectors
  6. Emergency alerts — automated text messages or emails
  7. Metal detectors and X-ray machines — handheld and walk-through
  8. Anonymous tip lines — toll-free hotline, voicemail system, website with anonymous posting
  9. Tracking systems — smartphone apps, GPS devices
  10. Maps of school terrain and bus routes — geographic information systems
  11. Violence prediction technology — data-driven software
  12. Social media monitoring — automated scans of online content for bullying, threats and evidence of self-harm

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