Aug 18 2015

3 Reasons to Start School Year Paperless with Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe's latest update to its Document Cloud can ease the stress of entering a world of paper.

It's that time again: Students, teachers and administrators are returning to school for another year of homework, reports, assignments and, yes, papers.

Despite many businesses moving toward exclusively digital transactions, every day, educators are still dealing with tons of paperwork. From school field-trip waivers to syllabi agreements to student homework, an endless amount of paper is passed between teachers and students.

The newly updated Adobe Document Cloud offers a few solutions that should make it easier for educators to streamline their paper world.

Work between platforms with ease.

While many schools offer 1:1 programs, students may use different devices throughout the course of the school day, and still others when they get home.

CreativeSync, a mix of existing and new sync technologies, lets users seamlessly switch between desktop software and mobile apps, bringing with them all of the necessary files, photos, fonts, settings and other design elements.

"We recognize that students and teachers — and the workforce — increasingly use mobile tools for tasks they previously have done on the desktop,” says Johann Zimmern, head of Adobe's worldwide education division. “Adobe’s mobile apps are compatible with [Creative Cloud], which makes workflow easier."

E-signatures revolutionize contracts.

Envision a scenario where a parent has forgotten to sign his or her child’s field-trip permission form. In years past, this would be a surmountable challenge, but one with the ability to wreck a workday.

Using Adobe’s Document Cloud, users can take a picture of the paper form, edit it on a smartphone or a tablet and then deliver it electronically to the teacher. Information on the user that’s stored securely in the Document Cloud allows common information, such as name, address and even signature, to be filled in with just a few clicks.

Harness the power of mobility.

The Document Cloud is a cloud-based repository for documents and images, making them easy to access across Adobe’s software suite. And a recent upgrade to Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) software suite has made the company’s flagship products more mobile-friendly. Photos can be edited on the fly using Adobe Photoshop Mix on smartphones. Those files can then be seamlessly taken into other apps and incorporated into presentations or movies, all from a smartphone or a tablet. Or that work can be moved to a desktop environment that has more robust editing features.

“We are already starting to see how students are adopting new creative and collaborative workflows, which start with ad hoc ideation on a smartphone, include iterations on tablet computers and receive final touch-ups on the full desktop application for either Windows or Mac," says Zimmern.

Educators interested in transitioning to Adobe’s Creative Cloud can find more information from CDW•G.

Photo by Adobe

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