Jun 25 2015

7 Steps for a Successful Google Play for Education Rollout [#Infographic]

Two experts from Boulder Valley School District describe how their school system integrated Google Play for Education with their lessons.

Implementing a technology program is no easy task. Schools must identify the right devices, rewrite lesson plans and provide adequate teacher training — all while answering to stakeholders.

In the free recorded webinar “Getting Started with Google Play for Education,” EdTech discussed these challenges with four K–12 experts, including two from Boulder Valley School District, in Colorado: Bobby Lehman, an educational technology specialist, and Kelly Sain, the director of educational technology.

Lehman and Sain outlined the steps Boulder Valley took when revamping its technology program to include Google Play for Education and two accompanying devices, the Google Chromebook and the Nexus 7 tablet.

Follow their implementation roadmap, and then register for the free recorded webinar to learn more about how Google Play for Education complements K–12 technology programs.


7 Steps to Implement Google Play for Education