May 26 2015

How to Save Time and Money With Managed Mobility Services

CDW’s suite of mobile services helps organizations keep pace with business needs.

Enterprises have found that mobile devices are great for business. Tablets and smartphones allow staff to access their work day or night from the office, home or road. They boost efficiency; enable flexible schedules; improve morale; and put data, tools and communication within arm’s reach at all times.

There is a price, however. IT departments, already stretched thin, now must contend with an array of devices, operating systems and cellular carriers, as well as new security threats. The technology is so fluid that the picture is constantly changing. That means IT staff have to devote time to learning about, procuring, deploying and supporting an array of devices.

Busy IT departments now have another option for addressing these challenges.

CDW’s Managed Mobility Services is a monthly subscription package that provides a customizable web-based portal that can automate mobile device procurement, expense management and support, freeing IT departments to focus on more strategic initiatives. The role-based portal lets employees, managers and administrators purchase equipment, view and analyze expenses, and access help desk support, all within customizable parameters set by the enterprise.

With the efficiency gains and cost savings these services can deliver, organizations can potentially recoup at least the price of the service. In fact, most enterprises find that they can shave 20 to 40 percent from their mobile expenses with Managed Mobility Services.

This service package is part of CDW’s Total Mobility Management suite of solutions and services, which also includes:

  • Wireless networking: The influx of mobile devices and increase in Wi-Fi connections is leading a shift in focus from wired to wireless networks at many organizations. CDW’s solution architects and network engineers can help any organization enable enterprisewide access to data and applications.

  • Mobile security: Every mobile device on an enterprise can be a potential entry point for unauthorized applications, malware and other security threats. CDW’s specialized security teams help neutralize these threats with comprehensive mobile security solutions.

  • Configuration and device personalization services: CDW’s configuration experts ensure that mobile devices arrive ready to use right out of the box, including customization and personalization services such as laser etching and asset tagging.

  • Custom and off-the-shelf applications: At the CDW App Marketplace, organizations can find leading enterprise mobile app solutions and the developers who create them. CDW can connect those organizations with proven mobile app partners who build, deploy and update top enterprise applications.

One size does not fit all mobile solutions. CDW mobile services are customizable to meet the unique needs of nearly any enterprise. Organizations can choose which services they want, then tailor each service, selecting the types of reports they would like, how they would like them presented and the extent of CDW’s involvement in their overall mobility management plan.

To learn more, download CDW’s white paper on mobile procurement.