Dec 08 2014

7 Largest School Districts Commit to Computer Science Courses

To kick off Computer Science Education Week, President Barack Obama announced Monday that more than 60 school districts in the country, including seven of the largest districts, will begin offering computer science courses.

Obama made the announcement on YouTube, and an accompanying post on the White House's website gives additional details. The more than 60 school districts include those in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston and Florida. Together, the districts reach more than 4 million students. 

The White House also announced:

  • "Over $20 million in philanthropic contributions to "train 10,000 teachers by fall 2015 and 25,000 teachers to teach computer science in time for the school year beginning in fall 2016."

  • "New partnerships by the National Science Foundation (NSF) including a new Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science course by the College Board"

  • "New steps to increase the participation of women and under-represented minorities in computer science"