Dec 30 2014

The 10 Most Popular EdTech: Focus on K–12 Stories of 2014

Look back on the stories our readers loved and shared the most this year.

In many respects, 2014 was a year of shifting balances within the K–12 technology world.

Late in the year, Google announced that its Chromebook notebooks had become the highest selling device in the K–12 market, thanks in part to their widespread adoption by school districts across the country. Stories of Chromebook rollouts proved popular throughout the year, as did our coverage of Google's release of Classroom, the company’s latest addition to the Apps for Education suite.

This year also saw the flipped classroom teaching method being touted as mainstream, based on an online survey, which also showed that the number of elementary school teachers using the technique is on the rise.

Each of the ConnectIT blogs, written by two contributors from CDW, were well received by readers. These blogs deal with the struggles educators face when implementing technology in the classroom. In a similar vein, contributor Matt Renwick’s overwhelmingly popular breakdown of how teachers can stay fluent in the language of education technology struck a chord with readers.

Among the top stories this year was our annual Top 50 Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs list, built with input from readers. The list covers nearly every aspect of the K–12 ed-tech industry. Through their influential work and their blogs, these thought leaders have garnered thousands of fans.

Thanks to all of our readers who continue to read, share and love our stories. Based on your clicks, tweets and searches, here are 2014’s top 10 most popular EdTech: Focus on K–12 stories:

  1. Make Chromebooks Work Smarter in the Classroom
  2. Schools Shift from STEM to STEAM
  3. How Teachers Can Become Fluent in Classroom Technology
  4. How Flipped Classrooms Are Growing and Changing
  5. 7 Guidelines for Building a STEAM Program
  6. Google Opens Classroom's Door
  7. Teachers Test Drive Google's Classroom
  8. The 2014 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs
  9. Teacher Uses the Mullet Ratio to Make Math Come Alive
  10. How Technology Enables Blended Learning