Feb 25 2013

A Printable Guide to Social Media [#Infographic]

Tips and tricks to keep in mind when using the latest online tools in school.

Cram a dozen educators into a conference room and ask them to name the most popular social media tools used by students, and it’s a safe bet everybody at the table could rattle off the top two: Facebook and Twitter.

But those are far from the only online applications making inroads in schools. As administrators warm to engaging students through social media, the list of potential resources at their disposal grows longer by the day.

Facebook and Twitter are the obvious choices. But there are other options — Tumblr, the online blog tool, for instance; YouTube, which doesn’t always get the social credit it deserves; and Google+, the less popular but still-growing social network launched by the search engine giant as an alternative to Facebook, to name three.

Of course, if naming the latest social media tools seems tough, learning how to use them all is harder still. In an attempt to shorten the learning curve, Flowtown and Column Five published this Social Media Cheat Sheet, which we first read about on Edudemic

As the editors at Edudemic were right to point out, the infographic, which was written with small businesses in mind, has a few glaring omissions — Pinterest, for one. But, if you struggle to keep track of the growing list of social media applications, the descriptions, tips and tricks listed below are worth a look. You might even want to print this document and hang it by your computer.

Is there a social media application not listed here that you’d like to learn more about? Let us know in the Comments.

social media cheat sheet


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