Jan 28 2013

Digital Natives Bond with Technology Early [#Infographic]

Just how tech-savvy are kids today, and how will their relationship with technology evolve over time?

The iPotty, featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, set a new standard as one of the earliest integrations of technology in childhood. Although many gawked at the $40 training toilet, it really shouldn’t surprise us. Technology has slowly become intertwined in kids’ lives earlier and earlier in recent years.

In fact, research conducted by retail site Angiolotty and compiled into an infographic found that babies as young as 6 months are playing with their parents’ electronic devices.

In fact, more children 2-5 years old with Internet access at home know how to play a computer game and use a smartphone than know how to ride a bike or tie their shoelaces.

When 37 percent of teens admit to checking their phone on the toilet, it makes you wonder whether a toilet-training potty with a built-in tablet is so far-fetched.

To learn just how tech-savvy kids are today, check out the full infographic below.

Tech-Savvy kids