Jul 13 2010

Faster Pace, Faster Processing


History comes alive for students in Christine Dorsey's ninth-grade history class. Thanks to digital textbooks' multimedia capabilities, students at Lorain Admiral King High School in Ohio can listen to speeches from historical figures and watch videos of historical events. “It's visual and piques their interest before I even start” the lesson, she says.

As a result, Dorsey continues, students at all learning levels – including those with learning disabilities – are able to grasp content more quickly and easily.

Plus, she's able to cover more historical ground during the semester. In the past, she'd have to stop at World War II; now, she can reach the 1990s.

“My teaching style hasn't changed. But it's more fast-paced now,” Dorsey says. “As an educator, it makes it easier to get a lesson across.”

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