Oct 30 2007

Florida Finds A Need for More IT Security and Funding in Schools

Tightening Up Security

It’s every IT director’s nightmare: Confidential school information, from student names and addresses to employees’ Social Security numbers, is stolen. Yet with 155 million records stolen in the last three years, including some high-profile cases involving school districts, the fear is real. This 2007 poll sought to quantify how carefully the country’s schools are guarding the information they hold.

Technology Funding

Only 8 percent of schools reported technology funding that was adequate to maintain the current level and make all purchases necessary for desired growth.

More than one in four (26 percent) respondents said they do not have adequate funding to purchase or maintain hardware.

Student Technology Access

Fifty percent of all modern computers for student use are located in classrooms. Just 11 percent are part of mobile computer labs.

Network Access

Does your district allow non-district-owned devices to access the district’s network?


IT Breaches

Have you experienced any breaches in IT security in the last 12 months?