Oct 31 2006

Seventh-Grade Lesson Plan

Students research the Web and present their findings in a slide show.

TECHNOLOGY IS BRINGING history to life for seventh-graders at Queen of the Rosary School in Elk Grove Village, Ill. They’re also learning valuable skills in research, data analysis and communication.

Lesson description: Students use the Internet to research the life of an explorer who lived between 1400 and 1800. They are asked to find out about the explorer’s early life, three important achievements and the area he explored. After completing the research, students design a five-slide Microsoft PowerPoint project and present it to the class.


Subject area: Social Studies and Technology, Grade 7


Standards: The lesson plan meets Illinois Learning Standards for social science and language arts. Students apply the skill of historical analysis and interpretation. They ask questions and seek answers by analyzing data, and make inferences about historical events using maps and other sources.

The lesson plan also meets the National Education Technology Standards for Students. Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity and promote creativity. They use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models, publications and other creative works. Students use telecommunication skills to collaborate, publish and interact with peers, experts and other audiences.

Resources: Computers with PowerPoint or other presentation software; Web sites like www.google.com, www.historynet.com and www.historychannel.com.


Complete and accurate ____
Followed directions ____
Accurate spelling and grammar ____
Text is easy to read ____
Total ____/ 25

Automatic timing and slide transitions are set properly ____
Sounds enhance the project ____
Creative card design ____
Total ____ / 15

Special Effects:
Animations ____
Quicktime movies ____
Special sound/music files ____
Other ____
Total ____/ 10

Oral Presentation:
Original and creative ____
Organized and well-rehearsed ____
Appropriate language ____
Speaks to the audience and is easy to understand ____
Total ____/ 10

Work Habits:
Used class time wisely ____
Engaged in project ____
Total ____/ 10
Total Grand ____/ 70
Grade ____


Provide a list of sites and have the students research them before beginning the PowerPoint project.

Explain how to edit and condense information with PowerPoint slides.

If possible, have students practice their projects before presenting them to the class. Some will make significant changes to the presentation based on the preview.

Allow adequate time to communicate feedback to students. If possible, review each part of the rubric as a team.

The authors are teachers at Queen of the Rosary School in Elk Grove Village, Ill. Paul Labant teaches computers to grades K–8; Tim McDonough teaches social studies to grades 6–8.