Oct 18 2019

What Does Higher Education Digital Transformation Look Like?

University IT leaders may be used to the process of IT upgrades, both large and small. However, digital transformation initiatives are forcing universities to expand their thinking around technology integrations on campus. We spoke with experts to understand just what constitutes a digital transformation and what it means for university stakeholders.


    Susan Grajek, Vice President, Communities and Research, EDUCAUSE

    Betsy Reinitz, Director, Enterprise IT Program, EDUCAUSE

    Josie DeBaere, Director, Technology Architecture, Boston University

Video Highlights

  • Digital transformation focuses on shifting campus culture, workforce activity and technology integration to improve institutional outcomes.
  • Barriers to achieving digital transformation include siloed stakeholders. Members of all levels need to be involved.
  • When implemented effectively, digital transformation can address top higher education concerns such as student success, financial sustainability and continued growth in the education sphere.