Mar 14 2023

College of Lake County Advanced Technology Center Supports the Next Generation of Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a crucial element of the Lake County, Ill., economy. The College of Lake County’s Advanced Technology Center was created as a local resource to prepare students for the demands of this changing industry. To support the automation and digitalization that defines the fourth industrial revolution — known as Industry 4.0 — the facility gives students hands-on experience with the latest manufacturing equipment so they are better equipped to find a job in the industry after graduating. Robust networking, powerful devices, and interactive teaching and learning tools keep the facility operating at its maximum potential.


    Lori Suddick, President, College of Lake County

    Ali O’Brien, Vice President, Community and Workforce Partnerships, College of Lake County

    Dave Wooten, Industrial Technology Instructor and Department Chair, College of Lake County

    Gunner Kimball, Dual-Credit Student, College of Lake County

    Karina Badillo, Alumna and Intern, College of Lake County

Video Highlights

  • The Advanced Technology Center supports the needs of Lake County’s manufacturing workforce and prepares students for the demands of Industry 4.0.
  • On an accelerated timeline, the Advanced Technology Center opened in August 2022 and has the technical capabilities to power and connect the latest manufacturing equipment, teaching and learning tools, and student devices.
  • The College of Lake County gives students hands-on experience with the latest technologies, which helps set up students for success while supporting the needs of the local business community.