Dec 11 2023

Shenandoah University’s Device Program Gives Students the Tools to Succeed

Since 2009, the iMLearning program at Shenandoah University has been giving devices to incoming undergraduate students at the start of their college careers. Today, each student receives a MacBook Air, iPad and Apple Pencil, paid for through a fee in their tuition. By standardizing technology across the student body, faculty can more easily deliver lessons and troubleshoot issues. It also promotes an equitable environment for the students, leveling the playing field by giving everyone access to the same equipment.




    Don Silvius, Senior iMLearning Support Specialist, Shenandoah University

    Devon Taylor, CIO, Shenandoah University

    Golder O’Neill, Associate Professor, Director of Music Production and Recording Technology, Shenandoah University

    Matthew Neal, Undergraduate Student, Shenandoah University



Video Highlights

  • Incoming undergraduate students at Shenandoah University receive a technology package to use throughout their academic careers, paid for through a fee in their tuition.
  • This device program standardizes equipment across campus, improves student access to technology and helps faculty teach more effectively.
  • A survey revealed that two-thirds of incoming students said that the iMLearning program affected their decision to attend the university.