May 31 2023

Higher Ed Reimagined: Laptops Give Dual-Credit Students Technology Skills for the Workforce

At the College of Lake County’s Advanced Technology Center, dual-credit high school students receive hands-on experience with the latest manufacturing technology that supports Industry 4.0. But just as important as the industrial technology experience the students receive is the exposure to software they’ll see in the workforce. While the students do have experience using devices at their high schools, the laptops the College of Lake County provides come equipped with programs like Microsoft 365, which local employers have told instructors are vital skills for the workforce.


    • Dave Wooten, Industrial Technology Instructor and Department Chair, College of Lake County
    • Gunner Kimball, Dual-Credit Student, College of Lake County

Video Highlights

  • Dual-credit high school students at the College of Lake County’s Advanced Technology Center have access to laptops with a variety of software applications.
  • Students get hands-on experience with common programs, such as Microsoft 365.
  • Local employers have said that knowing how to use these programs is a skill they’re looking for in new employees, so giving students this experience early on will help equip them for the workforce.