Aug 14 2023

Higher Ed Reimagined: Integrating ServiceNow to Create Campus Efficiencies

There was nothing particularly novel about Utah State University’s initial implementation of the ServiceNow platform. It was, as CIO Eric Hawley says, a tool to handle “bog- standard trouble tickets” from the university community. But when IT team member Steve Funk grew tired of reviewing paper requests for PTO from his staff, he thought ServiceNow could provide some relief.

More than a decade later, ServiceNow is now a part of daily operations in nearly every corner of campus, and the institution’s approvals dashboard is a one-stop tool for administrators, deans and department heads.

This “mashup,” as Hawley calls it, pulls people out of rote business processes and frees them up to focus on their most important work.

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    Eric Hawley, CIO, Utah State University

    Steve Funk, Director of Workflow Automation and Service Delivery, Utah State University

Video Highlights

  • Utah State University began using ServiceNow in the early 2010s as a “bog-standard” solution to handle IT help desk tickets.
  • Over time, IT leaders began to experiment with using ServiceNow to improve business efficiencies by digitizing things such as submissions for paid time off, student record requests and more.
  • Currently, “every business unit” at Utah State University is using ServiceNow in some way, and the built-in automation has reduced “approval fatigue” for the college’s deans and other administrators.