Oct 16 2023

EDUCAUSE 2023: Moving Core IT to the Cloud

The American College of Healthcare Sciences, a fully online institution, was ahead of the curve when it came to transitioning its systems to a cloud-based environment, something the institution began years ago. However, those systems don’t always communicate well with each other, and as more and more new systems get added to the mix, there’s an effort underway at many universities to create cohesive, interconnected cloud environments.

ACHS CIO Nathan Phillips shared part of his school’s journey to the cloud at the 2023 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Chicago and explained how smaller institutions with tight budgets and minimal staff can maximize the resources they do have to optimize their cloud environments.

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    Nathan Phillips, CIO, American College of Healthcare Sciences

Video Highlights

  • Establishing platform connectivity in hybrid cloud environments can be a major undertaking for university IT departments, especially those with legacy systems that have been in place for years.
  • Choosing “best of breed” systems and migrating them to the cloud is a sensible practice, but how institutions get those systems to communicate should be part of the conversation.
  • For small colleges with limited staff and tight budgets, bringing in an expert partner to manage a cloud environment can be a smart investment.