Oct 13 2023

EDUCAUSE 2023: How Campus Relationships Drive Collaborative Projects

Higher education IT leaders became major players on university campuses sometime around March 2020, the minute institutions realized they would need to pivot to remote learning modalities powered by new and emerging technology. That sense of collaboration allowed institutions, students and faculty to come together to find solutions to difficult problems — a lesson that Joe Kalinowski, vice president for information technology and CIO at Clark University, says colleges should remember as the world moves beyond the pandemic.

To make that happen, Kalinowski says, IT leaders need to be invested in personal relationships with academic, administrative, facility and other stakeholders, because IT touches just about every office on campus. Once IT departments demonstrate a measurable impact on student success, Kalinowski says university leaders will come looking for IT when big decisions are on tap, limiting tech-related headaches down the road.


    Joe Kalinowski, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Clark University

Video Highlights

  • The relationship building that IT departments did with other campus stakeholders early in the pandemic allowed universities to navigate an unprecedented challenge.
  • Maintaining those personal relationships now that the pandemic has subsided allows IT departments to stay involved in major campus projects.
  • IT departments that can demonstrate their value will be welcomed back to the table as universities plan for the future.