Apr 11 2022

Higher Ed Reimagined: A Cutting-Edge Esports Advantage

Esports has been part of the Full Sail University community for decades. When esports leaders noticed that graduates were pursuing careers in related fields, Full Sail’s program shifted its focus to include not only competitive gameplay but also career development. Today, the Florida esports arena known as Full Sail University Orlando Health Fortress is the largest collegiate esports arena in the country and is equipped with cutting-edge technology for gameplay and education.

Esports is more than a fun extracurricular activity; it also helps students learn critical life skills like teamwork and communication and can help aid in career development, especially for students seeking jobs in media, broadcasting or event production. Having the latest technology for students to learn on is vital for esports programs like the one at Full Sail.

“Staying on the front end of all up-to-date technology from an educational standpoint is a must for us,” says Sari Kitelyn, director of esports and project development for Full Sail. “If we were not doing that, the students wouldn’t be as prepared as they are.”

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    • Sari Kitelyn, Director, Esports and Project Development, Full Sail University
    • Bennett Newsome, Esports Strategist, Full Sail University

Video Highlights

  • Full Sail’s esports program started with a focus on event production and competition and has since evolved to a multitiered approach that also supports career development.
  • Full Sail prioritizes up-to-date esports technology to ensure a competitive advantage as well as career readiness for students.
  • Staying on the forefront of the latest technologies has helped Full Sail graduates successfully pursue esports and esports-adjacent careers, including three former students who are now leading other collegiate esports programs.