Oct 27 2022

EDUCAUSE 2022: Get in the Game with Esports Tech

Higher education institutions are investing in esports and technology providers are offering the latest tools and technologies to keep gamers going no matter what, when or where they play. Dell and Lenovo both offer esports solutions and they demonstrated some of their power at EDUCAUSE 2022 in Denver.

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    • Danielle Rourke, Senior Higher Education Strategist, Dell Technologies
    • Craig Ewell, Manager, TCA U.S. Education, Lenovo

Video Highlights

  • Gaming and esports can bring together students and create community, and can be incorporated into curricular and research programs, says Dell Senior Higher Education Strategist Danielle Rourke.
  • Alienware technology powered a Rocket League competition hosted by Dell at EDUCAUSE 2022. Alienware desktops, peripherals and monitors were all in use.
  • Lenovo's esports solutions include the Legion Tower 7 and Tower 7i, both of which also offer AR/VR compatibility and a GPU that "can handle anything you put at it," says Lenovo's Craig Ewell.