Nov 03 2022

EDUCAUSE 2022: A 'Digital Garden' Approach Promotes Digital Literacy

Two professors at Indiana University are spearheading the Digital Gardener Initiative, a wide-ranging program created to bring a culture of digital literacy to IU's campuses around the state. The two co-directors of the initiative shared their plans at the 2022 EDUCAUSE annual conference, highlighting a faculty fellowship program that's now helping its second cohort learn digital skills that can be incorporated into their teaching and translated on to their students.

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    Justin Hodgson, Co-Director, Digital Gardener Initiative, Indiana University

    Adam Maksl, Co-Director, Digital Gardener Initiative, Indiana University

Video Highlights

  • Indiana University's Digital Gardener Initiative was designed with the goal of building a "community committed to cultivating digital literacy," according to Co-Director Justin Hodgson.
  • The initiative features faculty fellowships that instill a level of digital literacy in educators, who then pass those lessons and experiences on to their students.
  • Instead of focusing on specific digital tools, the Digital Gardener Initiative is driven to create a "culture of digital literacy" at all of IU's campuses through a people-first approach.