Oct 27 2022

EDUCAUSE 2022: A Cybersecurity Training People Want to Attend

The University of Notre Dame wanted to find a way to make cybersecurity training both engaging and informative. The result was the first-ever Cybersecurity Carnival, a free on-campus event that drew more than 1,000 smiling and cyber-secure attendees.

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    • Chas Grundy, Director of IT Strategy and Transformation, University of Notre Dame

Video Highlights

  • Notre Dame's unique Cybersecurity Carnival sprung out of a conversation between Chas Grundy and the university's CISO on how to create a visual presence for what cybersecurity is and why it matters.
  • The carnival included cybersecurity themed games but avoided serving up what Grundy calls "chocolate-covered broccoli" by making sure the games drove home the importance of things like creating strong passwords and avoiding spam.
  • More than 1,000 people attended the carnival and Grundy says 96 percent of them said they would recommend the event to a colleague and would come back to the carnival again.