Oct 29 2020

EDUCAUSE 2020: Top IT Issues Reflect the Diversity of Higher Education

Every year, EDUCAUSE works with higher eduction leaders to identify the top 10 IT issues that will influence and challenge institutions in the coming year. In 2020, EDUCAUSE approached this process differently, reflecting the unprecedented turbulence and transitions that have defined higher education this year. For 2021, the organization has identified three potential scenarios that colleges will likely pursue as they envision life after the COVID-19 pandemic: models of "restore," "evolve" and "transform." 

We spoke with Susan Grajek, vice president for partnerships, communities and research at EDUCAUSE, about key insights from this process and how this range of scenarios reflects the strength in diversity that is crucial to higher education. Find more coverage of EDUCAUSE 2020, including more interviews and advice from higher ed experts, here.   


    • Susan Grajek, Vice President for Partnerships, Communities and Research, EDUCAUSE

Video Highlights

  • Institutions in the "restore" model will seek to return to operations much as they were before the pandemic. Those in the "evolve" model will start from the assumption that there is no going back and move forward accordingly. The "transform" model describes institutions pursuing transformative, rather than incremental, change in response to the disruption that has already occurred.
  • Scenarios are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Institutions may fall into different models in various operational areas.  
  • Institutional culture and the strategic use of technology will be key aspects of the "transform" model as colleges seek to build on the agility and innovation they have cultivated in 2020.