Oct 17 2019

EDUCAUSE 2019: Universities Build High-Density Wi-Fi Networks to Streamline Student Services

Students, faculty and staff are dependent on strong, reliable campus network connections, which means IT leaders will need to have an infrastructure that can support large numbers of users at any given time. See how Butler University upgraded its Wi-Fi to mitigate bottlenecks in high-traffic areas on campus.

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    Peter Williams, CIO, Butler University

Video Highlights

  • As the number of personal devices per student increases, universities need to consider how to build out their Wi-Fi infrastructure to serve high-traffic areas on campus.
  • Butler University added 1,300 access points in 10 days, thanks in part to students who helped deploy APs around campus.
  • Wi-Fi 6 may be able to open the doors to service high-density areas, such as university lecture halls and stadiums.