Nov 03 2020

EDUCAUSE 2020: Ohio Consortium Builds a Cross-Industry Cybersecurity Defense

The Northeast Ohio CyberConsortium, launched in 2015 by Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic, has grown into a multimember, multi-industry information security analysis organization. In addition to sharing threat intelligence, members engage in peer-to-peer education and support and are developing a pipeline of new cybersecurity talent. The consortium also creates opportunities for members to share resources and leverage IT spending.  

Tom Siu of Michigan State University and Sue Workman of Case Western Reserve University discuss these benefits, together with processes that serve to build trust among members that, in other circumstances, might consider themselves competitors.

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    • Tom Siu, CISO, Michigan State University
    • Sue Workman, Vice President for University Technology and CIO, Case Western Reserve University

Video Highlights

  • The Northeast Ohio CyberConsortium includes both higher education and other sectors, creating a stronger business environment for the entire region. 
  • Input from legal, IT and cybersecurity professionals helped to shape the organization, including methods to build trust among members that are market competitors (for example, nondisclosure agreement requirements). 
  • With many industries facing a shortage of cybersecurity talent, the consortium helps to develop a professional network and to create opportunities for future professionals.